False nails with chosen design. Any pattern, any image or any photo you can imagine.



Wow Nails is the place where you can truly be free and creative. Where you can bring your wildest imaginations to life and enhance your unique style.

We offer personalised artificial nails, giving you the choice of either choosing from one of our outstanding designs or to easily create your own.  
Stand out from the rest on any occasion!
Leave behind the frustration of struggling to match your nails to your outfit...

The possibilities are endless. 
So make the most of it.
Appointments in Milton Keynes available via email - info@wownailsbyeva.co.uk

In this online store, you will find personalised artificial nails for any occasion.
Simply select the folders with the theme you are looking for. Also, we can put any design or image you want on artificial nails;
Select Create your own design and upload yours high-quality picture with the desired design or image. 

We will transfer your design on the nails and post it to you in a nice package with all the tools that you need to get a wow look!  
False nails with selected design, high quality, personalised, express gel extensions.